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How to improve sells


I am new on fiverr. Please suggest me how can I make best buyer request for getting more orders?



As new seller I suggest you to stay ONLINE because that’s important and also is important what you write when you send requests.

On your requests explain to buyers what you can do and why you’re offering your price. And also when needed you can send questions to buyers so they will understand you know what to do and also tell them when you’re ready to start working on her/his project.

Another suggestion: Create clear and interesting gigs for clients. Is more important how you offer gigs and how you describe them than what you offer.

I hope these suggestions will help you.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your suggestion


yaa. I’m agree with you.


@devcode …right, Thank you


You are clever to offer a 2 hour turnaround. That’s a great hook that few are offering.

Also, I like that you’ve got your picture on your gig images. This is very smart.

I would still suggest spicing up the gig images. The green background looks nice when viewing your profile page (because they’re all the same), but they need to stand out somehow in the search results.


You forgot to edit this slide in your video :wink:


oops!!! I forgot to edit.:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:


Thank you so so much


hi. Greetings know, I want to learn how to trade design in fiverr