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How to improve the average response time if somehow you have got down in response time when you are a New Seller in Fiverr?

Hello everyone,
I’m quite new here in Fiverr and it took some time to understand the rules and guidelines of Fiveer. As a new member, I didn’t understand first the importance of giving a reply to the buyer in message as quick as possible. Unfortunately, I responded to my first buyer lately although it was unintentional and because of my internet connection troubleshooting. So now in my profile, the average response time is showing 16 hours and definitely this timing feature will make a negative impact on my future client.
So would anyone please tell me what should I do now to overcome this lately average response time? Now I’m trying to be more active & giving a reply to the client in message as early as possible. My concern is how I overcome my first mistake of giving a late reply I mean how I manage my first lengthy average response time? If I stay regular now and in the future too, will it cover my first lengthy response time? If yes, how many days it will take to become a handsome average response time in my profile?

I hope someone can give some shed of light to my concern as here have enough expert people to give my answer.
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Try to be active and reply as fast as you can.

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Stay Online Response Fast That’s It

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Check this out:


Responding to prospects in a timely manner is actually good business sense, regardless of platform rules.

Response time will go down if the next time you get a message you respond in less than 16 hours.

  1. Activate Fiverr email notification from your email address settings (it must be email address attached to your fiverr during registration). So that if anybody message you on fiver, or someone place order… you will receive email notification about the activities in your inbox or about the order even whenever you’re not online on Fiverr.

  2. Download Fiverr app, you can set special tune for Fiverr notification via the settings on the app… Anytime, you receive a notification, you would notice it is from from Fiverr and you can quickly attend to it…


You have to reply to the message as soon as possible.Then the average response time will be just right.And this will increase the chances of increasing orders

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Agree with bodmas above. The Fiverr app is so convenient and user-friendly. Especially helps with handling messages from prospective buyer even when you are on the move.


@shajjadhossain5 Try to active online brothers

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