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How to Improve The gig rank....?

Hello my friends, Hope today every one is very well.

Dear friends, Actually I want to know, how can I improve my gig Rank, what is the manual procedure?

  • Last month my A gig was First on Search Page with about 50 5-Star Feedback, but Suddenly my gig not Appear on search, And my Gig Status showing are pending, Then I’ve created once more gig, and this gig appear on the search page, but on 3rd page, and I got already 3, 5-star feedback on that gig, but my not increasing rank, Rather more is decreasing,

So, in this situation, what can I do for increase my gig rank, I humbly request to all If you have any experience regarding this issue, please share with us,

Thanks in advance
warm regards

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I’ve had exactly the same issue in the past 3/4 days. Top 4/8 in the respective category for weeks then suddenly dropped down to the bottom of the first page and now to the second page whilst still getting 5* reviews and new orders coming in, so I can’t complain too much, it’s just confusing.

In 2 months I’ve had around 40 5* reviews whilst many other similar gigs have had zero reviews…why these gigs still appear far higher in “Best Selling” searches baffles me.

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Promote your gigs to social media and other websites. Gig ranking algorithm has changed over time.

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hello beautiful peoples please give some feed back on my new gig if this is fine or not? thank you


:slight_smile: congrats bro, I’ve seen your account, and really you doing the awesome job.

Thank you very much for your advice, I’ll try it. :slight_smile:

It’s sad to hear that you found your gig results not satisfactory but let me share you the secret of ranking :wink:

The results you see on your laptop are not that the buyers see because the results are not static they fluctuate every second. It’s possible that the gig you see on first page the buyer see on last page. Don’t worry about that. Attract your clients from social media & buyer requests & they will get you orders in the same way like when it was ranked.

Search engines are not static so don’t worry about them

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