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How to improve the rating

Hi all!! can anybody tell me, how to improve rating besides get good review from buyer? I decreased my rating which was initially 99%, to 96% … my sales greatly decrease once last week, can anybody tell me? My next question, can Rating becomes great again by removing gigs on bad reviews from buyers? Thank’s

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There’s no way to remove bad reviews. You can delete the gig, but the bad reviews will stay.

hi,thank you!! What about the rating, if removing gigs?

96% is not that bad rating at all, so I would advise you to keep up working and deliver great products and your rating will go up again. :wink:

You remove the gig, the rating stays the same. Obviously. Otherwise the system would be way too easy to game.

be patient and deliver quality work

okay!!but not as usual every time i do on demand buyer always there who respond even order to me but not with now, very difficult to get buyer, thanks