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How to improve the TOP 3 ranking factors for SEO in 2014?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Few years ago SEO was different, this is game is changing few times in the year, and a lot of people just think that they need backlinks… Well, I would like to give you a small hint, nothing is the same anymore.

It has been over an year now that Google has started to give a huge importance on social signals as ranking factors, in fact three particular ones:

Google Plus

Facebook and Twitter

I see people buying SEO gigs created from years ago just because of the reviews, not knowing that they will have zero effect or even harm their websites :frowning: If you want to stay in the SEO game you will have to be much smarter than few years ago and use methods that are really safe and will work in the long term, no matter what Google update comes. Just my two cents…

Best Regards.