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How to improve your gig!


Just simple tactics to improve gig
1 Write some awsome title just dont copy past
2 Write your own description
3 make your own portfolio
4 add gig vedio
5 attache FAQ
6Attach pdf work samples if you had so no slot will be empty
7 send 10 buyers request daily and see some example of my profile how this was done


@andydesigner This is a wonderful post…


check out my gigs to see how text are done and profile images are set correctly


@alaminlinkon wow that good


bad luck happen just like my profile went down from top seller to block list that does not mean we cant stand up and start working again just give some times and we are good to go


@andydesigner what made your profile to go from top seller to block list? Please explain


well i dont know its going well getting more then 15000K per month then suddenly after two years it went down with no reason just claiming i am running two accounts as i am dam sure i never intended to have another account except this as i am struggling hard to mange this one too so i dont have time for other i dont know its a bug in fiverr that lead him to this and most of all some times we got some jealous fellows that just post a fake complain or do an order and then post fake complain that is another case too i am not sure about it


Wow, you’re rich…Congratulations on making more than $15000 per month


well yah that is past and now its now and back to ground level so i would like to establish myself again by providing a great service that people like to see not words


Wow, awesome gig you have created


andydesigner please check my gigs and give me some tips so that I can get orders from buyers.


chance your profile image as well as portfolio images are not so good with lot of mistakes in profile that need to set out


@andydesigner Thanks for the tips!
Could you look at my gigs and tell me if they’re correct?
I’m getting such low views I think I must be doing something wrong…


please have a look at my profile and see how things are organize and written up hope that would help you out


and use attractive images and write correctly and work on tags that would help you out


Thank you, I will make sure to pay attention to that!


thanks for understanding!


Thanks for your fantastic theory.


Wow. As a new seller at Fiverr, it’s just awesome tips for me.Thanks


Hope that works for you all and see my profile how gigs are made too