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How to improve your rankings position or two

Hello everybody,

I would like to share with you our strategy for improving the rankings by purchasing few Fiverr gigs.

  1. Choose one article which you want to rank better
  2. Order voice-over for your article
  3. Create video presentation made of voice-over and pictures
  4. Upload your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and as many as possible video platforms, include backlink to your article in the description of every video
  5. For YouTube video order this gig from ©crorkservice to boost your views after which your video will rank better and it will impact on your article both the ranking and visits as backlinks are included. This gig is really great, after one week you get 3000 views (often even more), and 15 comments!

    That’s it.


Anyone also annoyed by the seller “crorkservice”'s name always popping up in the forum? Seeing once or twice is not a problem, but seeing too many times is just annoying and seems unnatural.

I don’t know whether all these buyers praising “crockservice” are his friends, or are promised for a discounted price or bonuses for promoting him in the forum. But I’m tired of these promotions slipping in the buyer’s tips category.

Don’t you think so? :slight_smile: