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How to improve your SEO on Fiverr as a seller

Since I’ve been analyzing my gigs stats for a while, in order to find out ways to boost my ranking here on Fiverr, I can just give you some advice, which isn’t officially proven but my gut says me it’s working because I gained more clicks over the last week. Here are my points to mention where there’s a chance that these methods really work:

  1. Switch to buying mode and browse through other seller’s profiles.
  2. Read Fiverr’s blog articles.
  3. Browse to Fiverr’s Guides (in the footer) on your Dashboard page and read as much as you can.

Please stop spreading this Fiverr myth!

Which can result in this:


STOP typing the same nonsense in every thread here. You have NO idea how to be successful here. You signed up in February 2021 and have not even made ONE sale yet. So, sit back, READ the darn forum and LEARN instead of handing out junk as advice.

I know you think you are helping or perhaps since in another thread you seem to think being “active on the forum” checking the heart button will somehow get your Gig to rank or get you an order - this is not so. If anything, you could lead newbies astray having them do things that will only frustrate them and not help in any way.



Okay. I’m imitating your guides.