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How to improved my sell?


how to i improved my sell


The most obvious tips would be getting better placement in the Fiverr search results.

One ‘easy’ ways of doing this is adding a video to your gigs (buyers can filter the results to only include gigs with videos).

You can also get “express” status by delivering within 24 hours a few times. You might not be able to keep this up longterm, but having an “express” tag on your gig gives it some more exposure to get the ball rolling.


@jatinahuja Hello,

There are so many ways to increase the number of sales.

  1. Using relevant tags.
  2. Using relevant crafted description.
  3. Using super crafted Title.
  4. By Providing a super service.
  5. Using unique, awesome picture and videos.
  6. By replying incoming messages well.
  7. By delivering orders in super fast mode. 24hr one within 3 hours. 5days one with 1day.
  8. Replying to ‘Request Gig’ green box guys.
  9. By doing Self-Promotion - gettings likes, traffic to gigs by your own etc.

    Follow these steps you’ll start getting 2 orders per day…!

Good Luck Dude!
Shyam - Lead Capturing Page Designer


do a gigs that more than others offer


i agree that adding video will increase your sales rate… and be conscious of your tags used in your gig as this is used in searching gigs…


I also support the comment.