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How to improved response rate

how I can improved my response rate not Response Time

please help me

Please visit my profile and if you see i’m active on fiverr Please give me a message
Note: If you see I’m not active on fiverr Please don’t give any message


The only way to improve your response rate is to respond to all messages in less than 24 hours.

If you fail to respond even to a single message within 24 hours, your response rate decreases.

If, however, you make sure that doesn’t happen again, after 30 days your response rate will be reset (of course, until you fail to respond to another message within 24 hours again)

NOTE: if you are confident you’ve responded to each and every message within 24 hours at all times, then it might be a glitch, in which case you’ll have to contact Customer Support to refresh your response rate.


I recommend using the Fiverr App… it’ll keep you logged in and you respond to clients just like responding to a text. Also know that your stats recover every 30 days… so if you mess something up - it’ll pass!


Thank you

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Thank you

I will try my best

Why are you using the symbol for Top Rated Sellers as your profile picture?


There have any problem please info me I’m new on here

I think it’s best if you have a profile picture of your face as far as helping your sales.

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Thank you
can you give me a message please
I want to decreases my response rate

if you get a lot of spam messages contact customer support and they will bring your response rate up, they done this for me but if you dont get spam messages just try to reply right away, getting the fiverr app is very useful.

??? You want someone to send you a message so you can decrease your response rate?

That’s a new one!


Thank you shaunacardwell

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yes I want someone massage me

There have any problem!

Yeah, because decreasing your response rate doesn’t mean improving it. It’s actually the exact opposite.

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It’s simple. Just reply to all messages from customers as fast as you can, even short words like “Thank you, Alright”. If you going sleep, keep notflications on your Fiverr mobile app and don’t forget to turn wi-fi on.


So that you can’t sleep either? :smirk: I’m sorry, but that’s not a healthy nor productive life.