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How to imrove my profile & gigs


hi I’m new to fiverr, So far I’ve had a few sales but then nothing more since Monday . I’ve shared my gig links on social media…

this is my gigs

What can I do to improve my profile and sales???


Share your GIG on social media platforms.


i shared bro :pensive:


For the drive unlimited web traffic one: you spelled unlimited wrong in the title. Also, brushing up your grammar would be good.
Saying “Don’t forget to boost with service extras!” seems like you’re trying to upsell them from the start. Even if you are, don’t make that obvious.
For the iPhone one: this service seems way too specific. If you have photoshopping/image editing skills, why not try to offer something more general so that more people might need it?
Also: "BONOUS :-send me a positive feedback and i will put your logo in superhero picture ."
Typos aside, this comes off as begging for positive reviews, which you shouldn’t be doing.
Hope that helped!


I also shred my gig. but no sales now from last 3-4 months. what to do now?


Please don’t hijack other people’s threads. In the case of your question, I think you would find a lot of help by just searching the forum. Many new sellers have had the same concerns that you have.


I have same issue. that is the reason i told


thanks somaginer.

i am revised my gig description now …

tell me how to get more orders ???


I feel like I keep saying this, but buyers request.
Also promoting your gig.
@maxphotomaster Yeah, but it comes off as hijacking someone else’s thread. Also, they were asking for specific feedback, while you just noted a problem that you were experiencing personally.


Hello. Something that worked for me was putting something funny/creative as my title for my gig. The buyers that bought from me told me that they clicked on my profile because it was unique and different. But that was in March when i first started fiverr. Another tip is to always over deliver your work, it will keep buyers coming back. I felt the same way when i started. Until about maybe about 2 weeks after i started i started to get buyers out of nowhere😊 Hang in there i know you will do good. This is my first time in the forum so excuse me if i just came out of nowhere with a whole story . I dont even no if im in the right section😊


k dear,thanks your message

tell me what are u think my gigs???


Hy frined. its good to learn how we can improve our gig rank and increase sale… So be patience in fiverr there are too many strategies that fiverr implement in improving ranks and sale… If your gig improve regularly means . Coming impression, views, click then it will helpful increasing rank if it gets rank then automatically you will get sale…

To get impression… you have to share your gig as best as you can so that’s way you impression increase… plus use hig DA sites… like facebook, twitter, tumbler, pintrest, quora etc… will helpful time to time… Best of luck man… Let me know… if helful…