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How to inactivate account temporarily


Can you guys tell me how to inactivate my account temporally without going to vacation mode? I am frustrated with Fiverr system after long staying.

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Yes this is within Subject Mr. On Topic.


You take some rest then other will sellers will get some orders. I think top level sellers should go to vacation mode temporally to 3 -5 months (by T&C) so that other sellers will get some orders.


It’s not top rated sellers that stop you from getting orders. Maybe everyone but you should be made to leave?


How can you say that? :open_mouth: You simply cannot ask that TRS should go in vacation so that others can get orders. That is just wrong.

Did I, a TRS, ask the new sellers to go on vacation when I saw my 7-year old gigs suddenly go down in rankings due to new gigs? No, because it’s wrong to ask or think such a thing. I lost sales in favor of new gigs and sellers, but I haven’t said such a thing because I believe in equal rights as a person.

And did you know that some (or maybe many) TRS’ also use Fiverr as a sole income source to provide for their families? Imagine what such a forced/unfairly induced vacation would accomplish :frowning:

P.S. I’m curious though: what would you do when, in the future, you are a TRS yourself and you see a newer seller thinking the same thing should be done? Would you then think it’d still be fair?


That makes you look bad, to say that. Do you think no one wants your gig because there are top rated sellers here? That’s a terrible attitude.



Are you suggesting people who worked hard to be top rated sellers should just stop working to giver their sales to other people?

Maybe these other people should work hard to be top rated sellers too.


Oh, and imagine this SciFi scenario: let’s assume that TRS’ would stop working to let new sellers get orders for 3-5 months, like madankundu said. Then after that period TRS’ come back - what would happen with the new sellers that keep joining the following days and months? Would those new sellers have the disadvantage of joining at a bad time and get less chances than the previous batch of previously-new sellers? Or would TRS’ have to immediately go back on vacation, thus remaining forever on vacations? :stuck_out_tongue: New sellers will always join Fiverr, hence what madankundu said is impossible.


I am talking about : one for all and all for one.
One seller can scarify some orders for other sellers and other sellers can be benefited by one seller or indirectly by all top rated sellers.


Absolute nonsense!

I’m not a TRS, and probably never will be, but you want to take away orders from TRS sellers, so everybody else can benefit.

I’ve said it before - Fiverr isn’t a charity - it’s a business - if you want to go and set up some kind of co-operative, then you’re more than free to do so.


Why do so many people think that Fiverr should entitle them to communist like benefits of equal sales and success?

Take responsibility for your own business instead of wasting time arguing that other people have got where they are purely by chance. They didn’t. They got where they are because they stuck their oar in.

Absolute entitlement based idiocy.


IF every other sellers would do the same when this ONE also ask, then yes. But it’s impossible.

You get orders by your merit, not by asking others to stop working. This is not how fiver works and not how world works.

If you are not getting orders it’s not top rated sellers fault, it’s just yours.

You cant take away what someone worked hard to get.

What you are suggesting is communism. If it was a good thing, why no country was successful with communism?

Think a little and try getting orders by your merit, not by taking the success of other person away.

Fiverr isnt a place to make everyone equal, but a place to work. Some will work better than others, nothing more fair than these being sucsessful.


If buyers don’t want to hire you, removing the sellers they do want to hire will not make them suddenly want to work with you.



“I have nothing, you have something.
Give me what you worked hard to get
then I’ll have it for doing nothing,
and you will have just nothing for working hard”

Makes sense at all


You can just pause all your gigs. Your account will then essentially inactive until you start them again. If you are that frustrated, perhaps it’s not a bad idea.