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How to include commercial rights on gig?

Hello everyone,

I am ghostwriting for a client. They requested I include commercial rights on my gig. How do I do that?

Thank you

I’m assuming you/he means commercial use (business/profit use)?

Buyers already have commercial rights – advise him to read the ToS. I’m assuming he means commercial use.

Unless you’ve stated otherwise in the gig before purchase, he has commercial use, too.

Including it isn’t a special process. You just select the commercial use option for the package(s) it applies to or make it an add-on.

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Thank you! Yes, I was also confused as to what he was referring to. Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome. I’d clarify this is what he means if you haven’t already. If he’d feel better you can simply message him to say that he has it so it is on record. Might make him feel better if he is afraid you might renege later.