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How to include mandatory commercial use extra

Fellow sellers,

I am a voice artist, I have been working here for 4 years now and from the start, this issue have been there. commercial use extra is a mandatory addition to the 5$ gig I have. but I client has to press on it to order.

many clients don’t read the description or the FAQ of the gig and just order the 5$ offer. now my work was much improved with much more expensive gear. so I see that I deserve the addition and the client should understand what the license is to add it.

anyone knows a way to turn ( commercial use ) or ( broadcast rights ) to an automatically added extra ?


If it is a prerequisite for every client to purchase a “Commercial Use License," I suggest you include it directly in your packages and pricing by editing your gig, instead of offering it as a gig extra.

This makes it easier for your clients, and then you avoid people paying too little for your work because they didn’t read your disclaimer.

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I agree, I will try to change my pricing to packages system… I will update here if I manage that properly although I remember that I wasn’t able to make packages…

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I guess that is true for voice-over artists. Sorry about that. You could still consider including the “Commercial Use License” in your pricing, and then mention in your description that it is already included.

On the other hand, maybe that will seem too expensive for your buyers as it will seem like they need to pay $30 for every 50 words.

I am not sure that there is an effective way to do this since you do not have the option for packages.

Maybe another voice-over artist on the forum can give you some advice as I clearly made some false assumptions.

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thank you for your input bro it helps :smiley:

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