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How to include more than 3 photos into the gig?


Hi! I am new on Fiverr. Recently, I opened one Gig one Fiverr related with Business Card design. While uploading images into gig gallery, I found that my upload is limited only to 3 images. But when I gigs published by others, I can see that they have more or less 5 images into a gig. Why can I not include more than 3 images into my gig?


Make a movie of them. You’ll have 75 seconds of pics. :slight_smile:


I didn’t understand! :confused:



Create a Video for your gig. you can create video with many images and up to 75 seconds.


OK Thank you! btw am I restricted to use 3 images only because of being a new seller? how come others use more than 3 images into their gigs?


There is no way to add more than 3 pics to a new gig. Day by day it will increase try to add a video it will increase your gig sales.


No you are not Restricted. As Fiverr allowing all sellers to use 3 gig images from Level 0 to Top Rated, Pro Sellers as well.

Other sellers has completed number of orders and they are activated the Live Portfolio option which is why they can able to showcase more images to their gigs.

I hope you will get number of orders and you can also showcase more samples to your gig.

I hope this Helps you.


Brother in fiver you have use 3 images on your gig but you also add a video on you gig