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How to increase 98% rating to 100% again? is it possible?


Is it possible to increase up to 100% again ?if so how many new orders with 5 star ratings can achieve it


Mathematically, no. A 100% rating means that you have received all – and only – 5-star ratings. This is, however, less and less likely, given Fiverr’s new resolution system.

Keep in mind, while 100% is a pretty number, most great sellers will have ratings from 95% to 98%.


Technically it is not mathematically possible as the number will never reach back up to 1/1. However, I believe that after you are a certain decimal away from 100%, Fiverr will automatically round it back up to 100%. I had a 99% but then I got it back up to 100%, just keep getting 5 star ratings. I think it took me around 5, but I only had about 4 orders completed or something like that.


Hello ,
now you are in 98% and want to become 100%
then you have to make more orders give them satisfied works and you will get 5 :dizzy: rating form each order.
once you get your 97 or 98 percent order in 5 :dizzy: rating and 3 or 2 may be 4 :dizzy: or 4.5 :dizzy:
after that your profile will show 100%
(but make sure that you much have to read your client requirement carry full and give exactly what they what )

I hope this information will guide you.

Hope you do best in your near future in keep going more work with you gig,

Best of luck
Namaste :pray:


Thanks friend…


Thanks friend…but i think after that i got more than 20 order with 5 stars ,but nothing happens…


Thanks friend…i have completed more than 20 orders with 5 stars …but nothing happens…



Hello, friend you have to get complete more order after that it Happens…
be positive with your mind do handwork on what you are doing
I am sure you will be 100% get what you want…

Thank you:slight_smile: