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How to increase buyer request?


Hello,i would like to know if there is any way to increase buyer request? I already have 4 gigs and completed 3 orders but my buyer request is around 50 or so. It was about 150+ few days back and now it is dropping. Will anyone give me some suggestion on what to do about it?



I don’t think we can make new buyer requests for you!

How about adding a new gig in a different category, so you’ll see more, different buyer requests?

Reason for the drop in requests - it’s a holiday weekend?


It is not about making new buyer request, which is not possible, my question is why there is a sudden drop in buyer request. Although I think, you are right, bank holiday might be a reason. Thanks for your reply.


My services are about graphics related.
In fiverr graphics and SEO related buyer’s are huge .
Create a graphic or SEO related gig then see, you will got 4k + buyer request each day.

Now I have 6k + buyer request. But as you know daily limit 10 :sweat::sweat::sweat:


Well, maybe because you are Level 1 seller?


As far as I know all levels have 10 daily offers to send…


Nothing to do with seller level - it all depends which categories you’re offering gigs in.


But , I receive 1k + buyer request before I got 1 level badge.
You are WordPress site developer. It’s cool.
But create some extra category gig.
It’s depends on category of gig. Not level’s.


Well, time to make some new gig in different categories then.


Cool, I will create gig in different categories, let’s see what happens.


Create a SEO category gig​:grin: then see how much buyers request you got :joy::joy:


I have SEO GIGS but i don’t get more 6 or 7 buyer’s request. @imon13bworkshop


See my SEO gig category. Then you will understand what’s types I mean.