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How to increase clicks on the gig?

My impressions are increasing but less clicks. How to increase clicks?

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Make sure you have a good gig video and add good images that stand out from others!
Hope this helps

As @abhisekneupane said, making sure you have a good video for your gig will increase your chances of impressions and even buyers.

Make sure you have a well detailed description, affordable pricing ect-.
If you’ve already got a Gig but impressions are low, check this recent post i made regarding a similar question.

Happy selling :smiley:

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Thanks and I think my images are not good

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yes you can improve though, do this : search up the keywords that show your gig and others’ gig and see which catches your eye and try to similarly create an image like that (don’t copy their image(s) ) This will make it easier to get an eye catching image!

I already got one order but it is good if you can check my gig.

You have good reviews! Make sure that you provide good service. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. But if I change my gig image, will it affect my gig in a bad way?

You welcome, and no it won’t affect your gig in a bad way

Yeah, I will work on it. Thanks

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