How to increase favorite on fiverr?


hi, Today I have brought you a new topic for you. To Favorite our gig, Facebook has to take help but there is a problem coming here. The link cannot be shared after account after sharing more links. Can anybody tell me how can i increase my gig favorite?


okk…I will tell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


vai ultapalta ja paren likhen problem nai fiverr to r bujhbe na


What is “fiber”, and what is “gig fare”? And what do they have to do with Fiverr?


oh! bro it was my typically problem actually!


Please do not call me “bro”. I am not your bro. We were not in a fraternity together, we have never been best buds, and I find it rather offensive in a professional forum setting.


understood. Can you help me out of this?


No, I cannot. Because there is nothing you can do to increase your gig favorites, nor will favorites help you become a better seller in any way. Favorites are nothing more than a bookmarking feature, so that buyers can find your gig again later.


Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback among us.


thanks for share these facts and opinion:heart_eyes:


Looolz…so funny, Oh my God