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How to Increase Fiverr Earnings

Hi Everyone!

How was this month for you?
In this month i cannot get more earning :frowning:
anyways i try something new did you have any experience how we can increase earning

Thank You!
Ahmad Bilal


I joined Fiverr sep 9. and orders started from October. recently I got order of 80$. mean to say. you should spend the time on fiverr


This October is not going good for me!! Just got 2 orders… :frowning:

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Oh! that’s great what you doing on fiverr i am unity game developer :slight_smile:

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Oh wao that’s great i thing this month i cannot spent more time on fiverr so that’s why i cannot get more earning :frowning:

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Wow!! Game developer! That’s AMAZING… I am a graphics Designer… May be it’s a Hard time for new graphics designers currently…

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Oh! A graphics Designer i am new freelancer and i am here from last 4 months and what about you ?

I just finished a month!! Have completed 7 orders only…

Oh you are also new here

No. This may be useless. You have to apply for buyer requests and promote your gigs to your target audience. Otherwise spending your time online is useless.


Yes that the great idea but can you please tell me how i can promote my gig

Haha, yeah,am still sending offers but nothing seems to be going on with my life here​:joy::astonished:
Am a new seller tho

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Oh don’t be worried about this need to take more time and improve your gigs check impressions and send more buyer request and most important be patience and you will get work on fiverr after some days

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Great :smiley:. thanks for the encouragement and advise

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Your Welcome!

Hi, I am a graphic designer. I got a single order.

I am going higher day by day. Only 3 months on Fiverr but I am earning much more.

What I realised is we need to work hard for a start and even take orders which might be less paying until we reach Level 2. The benefit is you will surely be approached by 1-3 customers if you have a good base. So then it depends on quality you deliver.

If you are not getting order try Buyer Request but don’t copy paste request it will never work. Read and then send request accordingly.

If I send my 10 request I get almost 2-3 replies and even some people respond to my request after 2 days what it means is that Yes I am sending a nice request.


I got no orders :frowning: there are too many freelancers and people can’t even reach me :confused:

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Oh Man! don’t be worried improve your gig and use best keyword and then use best image for your fiverr then do more buyer request and you will get an order soon

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hi camelia here i am level 2 seller and now a days not getting enough orders…