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How to increase gig empression

I, am new here please can someone guide me and let me know how can i increase my gigs impression .

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Try to share your gig .

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Do these:

  • Write catchy titles for your gigs.
  • See the tags of the gigs that are similar as yours and come in higher search results, and set the tags of your gigs as theirs.
  • Don’t make spelling/grammar mistakes in your gig’s title or description.

Hopefully these tips will help you :slight_smile:

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I see in your profile and gig description you offer to do assignments, thesis and such. This is not allowed on Fiverr.

I See your profile and like your favrate button click ok

Thanks for your kind information

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ok, i have removed it

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You can’t increase ‘gig empression’… But yeah you can increase gig impressions by Promoting the gig to your targeted people on social media etc.

Best of Luck! :+1:

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I am also new here hope you get your order soon

im facing same by day my gig impressions are decreasing.from last day i started promote my gig in twitter and pinterest.