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How to increase gig impression and clicks?

There are a lot of ways we all know that and also Fiverr recommends us how to create a gig for better performance. But today I am going to share a very little and very effective trick that I got very helpful as well.

That is, optimize your gig image. Title, description, F&Q these all things are mandatory but the first thing is the image. A buyer focus on the image first then he look at the title and then hit on your gig, right?

So, if you grab your client’s attention from the first look that is great. So, how to optimize gig image? well, its very simple, use a very simple and colorful image. Simple+colourful+less text. If you use a gig image very simple with colourful background and less text beleave me when a buyer scroll the page they will hold on your gig.

So, apply this trick today and reply me after 2 days to see your engagements as well.
I hope you all will thank me later. If you have more qustion please feel free to ask me.Thanks


Thanks for the info <3


Thanks for your suggestions! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

thanks for suggesting

Thanks do you know any other way to increase gig impression?

Thanks for your suggestion :grinning:

Thanks for the suggestions, I will try to follow them.

thanks for suggestions

I agree with your point because everyone is trying to express everything in a single image which make the image so crowded with the text that it becomes irritating then.

Your gig thumbnail attracts a buyer more than your Level badge. So make an image which will remain out of the box in search results & use such colors that catches attraction of eye like in thousand of cars the car with yellow one will get your eye contact first but this doesn’t mean that use yellow color but some attractive colors not dull ones.


Thanks you. Hope it will work.

Thank you so much for share these tips. I have done some days ago. and I got a better result from this post.
Please post like this post with all new sellers, hope they are will be helpful
again thanks

Thank you for your suggestion :heart_eyes:

Very effective suggestion. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much <3

Great… …

Thanks your valuable tips.

It will help me i think to engage more clients

Thank you for the trick

Thanks for sharing this tips, I will keep apply this trick in my next Gig.

Thanks for sharing with us.