How to increase gig\'s impression?


Hi guys I am a graphic designer and i joined fiverr a year ago i have done 64+ orders on fiverr . I want to ask how to increase gig’s impressions or how to get your gig on fiverr recommended list ?


As will everyone say, promote your gigs…

one other thing, be carefull with reviews, your rating is 96%, that will take your gigs down on the search, make sure your customers are satisfied and they leave a 5 star review, it’s not about just getting the money, dropping your rating will kill your gigs…


I delivered more than 400 orders, got more than 330 positive awesome reveiws, my rating is 99%, and i don’t get messages or orders regulary, it’s not a gold mine, it’s a freelancing website, everybody has ups and downs, you just have to be patient and keep doing wat you do


you are right but sometimes its weird that some customers who are happy with your services ended up giving you 4 or 4.5 stars .


It happens to me too, if that happens, i contact the buyer, ask him what was wrong that he left less than 5 stars, if he tells me, i try to fix it for him as much as i can to make him change it to 5 stars, some buyers even told me that it was only a mistake and they “meant to leave 5 stars”, so they change it to 5 stars, some orders i refunded after i already delivered them just to get rid of the bad rating…

Here’s a tip : when you deliver, add this message at the end : If you see mistakes or need something else please tell me!

This way you avoid getting bad reviews, because you asked him to tell you if he’s not 100% satisfied, a t this point he’s obliged to leave 5 stars or tell you what’s wrong to fix it and then he leaves 5 stars, no other option, if he’s a bad buyer, cancel, don’t be worried…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Your profile and gigs look good to me, your description is good, for pictures, try using some of your own work.

and try to pause the other gigs (just for now) keep only the gigs making sales (from my experience), when you make more reveiws and make it to level 2 maybe, add more gigs

Other than that, all looks good to me

Good luck :slight_smile:


Offer a great customer service (as said by Onlinedzshop) and create a great, professional looking thumbnail (main picture) for your gigs. The first impression is the best one, and that’s the thumbnail. Make it by yourself or ask a seller on Fiverr! (Ps: I offer graphic designs :wink: )



Looks like the one eyed is advising the blind here. Your gig descriptions are full of grammar errors. Have somebody correct them for you.


I only took a look at the instruction of the description, didn’t read it, a lot of sellers with tons of grammar errors sell well, he’s selling design staff not writing services…


It doesn’t matter what he sells. There are potential buyers who turn away because of that.
I had a look at one of your gigs as well b.t.w. Very good organized gig description and video. Therefore you make sales.
You probably want to bring the information on your profile page to the same standard for the buyers who see your profile page before they click on any of your gigs. It’s possible that you leave money on the table right now.


Thank you so much :slight_smile: i will keep your words in mind


join different groups of fiverr on facebook and share your gig with proper description that should allow other users to open your gig for once. it will boost your impression


You can buy a fiverr gig for this service. Editing and rewriting takes thought and time. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone