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How to Increase Gig views, Clicks and Impressions?


Can anyone tell how to increase gig views, click and impressions ? I have promoted my gig to twitter, facebook and google but didn’t get any impressions and clicks. Please help me out. I am getting no messages and orders. It’s 12 days since I joined fiverr.


You should try join in Facebook Groups and post your gigs there but be discretely and never SPAM! It could works or not, it’s not guaranteed that you will get orders…
Also check the BUYER REQUEST feature and send your gigs to the right buyers you would like to work with.


I tried all this. I have posted to fiverr gig promotion group on facebook, Also I am sending buyer requests. But thanks anyways for your response. :slight_smile:


Hi serban95,
Sorry to say that I do not agree with your comments.Becuase I am a freelancer, am I right? My Facebook community friends majority percent should be a freelancer .If I promote my gig in a freelancer community is it effective for me.I think so is not effective for me.I am eagerly waiting for your respond.


Any suggestion for me ?


You need to be patient. You have already got 3 reviews. Some people wait months to get their first order.


Right. I will wait.


you need SEO in your GIG just like web 2.0 blg comment service that your Impressions is must better …


Sorry for the late reply @kazirahat actually I got my first orders here.
I worked for other LVL2 fiverr sellers, it’s true that I got just 5$ each order but the main important thing is that I could get enough reviews to build an image and let other buyers see what I’m doing.
Even freelancers needs more time, or they could get more orders in the queue, I also think about hiring other freelancers if I can’t handle the orders.

I am very close to level 2 now


Add a gig Video.It may help


Hello, Please continue to promote your gigs in various social media platform, Please be patient. Some times order started instantly, and some time take one month, two month, three month and more…

so, please maintain patient and continue promotion, hope you will get success soon. Thanks