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How to increase gigs IMPRESSIONS?

How to increase gigs IMPRESSIONS ??

Key Tips

  • Ensure you have chosen a suitable profile photo (yours is fine)
  • Use a professional looking cover photo as the face of your gig
  • Use the buyer requests section and attempt to get some jobs - offer your work cheap and fast so as to increase your chance of making sales. These sales will naturally lift your gig’s listing position.

  • Maintain a good rating, ideally perfect, especially on the first 30 or so reviews.

  • Avoid cancellations

  • Communicate professionally with buyers and build up a reputation for good work and service


Use buyer requests tool, you can send 10 buyer requests a day, it will help you get more attention of potential buyers to your gig, this process may be time taking but soon you will start getting orders :slight_smile:


There are some key-points you should always consider in order to get impression on your gig .
1)Your original and professional looking profile picture
2)Gig should have suitable cover image and related image in it , if it shows your previous works it is even better.
3)Short but complete GIG title
4)Avoid Cancellation at any cost
5)Good rating of your previous work
6)Add all three gig packages
7)Avoid any sort of grammatical errors in description
8)Update keywords upon trends

These are the ways you can generate handsome amount of impression upon your gig.
Good luck for your future endeavor!


I think it’s good to minimize cancellation but as a buyer, I can understand how it may not be avoidable.

Clarification: I mean when an inexperienced buyer makes a wrong purchase.


How many impression per day is normal??