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How to Increase impression and sales


I am a Graphics designer willing to start business here.
I opened this account before 1 month ago. Made 3 sales in first week and no sales since then.
Can anybody please tell me how to increase impression and sales?


Continue Sending 10 Buyer Request and Gig share your Social media


Thanks mamun73 for spend time on this discussion,
Actually, i don’t get buyer request every day.


you create 7 gig and continue searching and send buyer request. more details search YouTube how to fiverr gig marketing… how to fiverr buyer request. I hope solve your all problem.


Thank again,
Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


There are lot of things you can do:

  1. Use you 10 buyer request but do send only relevant request so you can atleast get response or you will be stuck that you apply for a job later when he replies you saying no I can’t do is not good too.
  2. Use social media and share your gigs as much possible.
  3. Spend time on Fiverr forum or other such websites like Quora etc as you can provide ref of your gigs or profiles


Thanks naikoosuhaib.
I will add my all social media links and share gig into it.