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How to increase impression, click and views?


Recently my impression is decreasing and I wonder how can i increase my impression, click, and views?

Thank you in advance,


My problem is the same.


yeah, and we need an advice or suggestions from the experts :slight_smile:


I want to know just why decrease impression, click and view? anyone can help?


You can promote your gigs using Social Media. It helps you to increase your impressions, clicks and views. But, it is not enough. You have to create your gig clean and attractive. Your tags, gig image and title are the most important things. (Please see topics related to that) :blush: If your impressions, clicks going down, I think it’s better to change your tags. Keep in touch with them. Try to find the best for your gig :slight_smile: If you need you can hire a social media marketing gig to promote your fiverr gigs. When we talk about gig image, You have to put clean, eye-catching image. And also you can SEO your gig image using keywords. :smile:


Thank you very much…


Share your gigs to social sites regularly.



You can Try Best Social media platforms for Post your Gig.
So I think you can Get More Sales.


Optimize your Gig for Fiverr search engin. Optimization is not a one-time process; you have to keep on optimizing it to see the results. You need to perform Fiver on-page search engine optimization based on the options available in the gig.


Sharing gigs on social media, forums, blogs anywhere is possible without spamming but targeting is the key!


Take care of the gig title, should to be very related to what your gig offers, and also keywords for search Ingine are very Important to make the buyers see your gig when they search.


Make your gigs title keyword basis and create a fantastic gigs with attractive images.