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How to increase impression need help :D

Hi guys its been 1 month when i make my gigs

n still not get first sale yet. n my impression in 1 week is 0
so kindly need your advice guys :slight_smile:

Impeessions are just how many times your gig showed up in a search. What you want are clicks! I checked out your gigs and the descriptions are ok. Maybe try more tags if you can get a few more pics or even a video of pics you have done or to show how you process your work. Be patient :slight_smile: took my over a week to get my first customer. Good luck! !!

Thanks for comment :slight_smile:

It’s not about just posting the gig. You also need to send proposals to the jobs/requests/projects that are relevant to your Skills. Proposals tell the clients that you are providing a service. It’s the proposals that’s going to get you sales.

And like the person above said, impressions don’t matter, Clicks do.

I hope this helps.

I hope you’re not suggesting that new sellers send messages to other users asking them to buy their gigs. that would be considered spam, and will likely get your messaging rights blocked or revoked. It could result in your account being deleted.

No, I am not suggesting them to spam. I am suggesting them to send proposals/offer to the Requests posted by the Buyers.