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How to increase impressions/clicks/orders?

Hi Fiverr Fam! :blush:

I have been getting impressions but barely any clicks, and no orders yet. Can you please check out my gigs and advise what I need to improve? Thank you in advance for your honest feedback!


Share gig on Social Media!!

Thank you, that’s a great idea! I need to build up my social media presence.

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There is no particular method to get clicks and orders…
So far you are getting impressions that means you are in search result…

Your fiverr profile and gigs looks good, Try to add some kind of eye catching colored images that are relevant to your gig and explain what you are offering by just a glance, that would help you get more clicks and I am sure most of buyers who would enter in your gig would contact you and better chances of orders !

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Share your gig on Social Media

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If they’re all using the same video you could have a different video for each gig. I think that’s how Fiverr wants it (with a different video for each gig - if they have gig videos).


Ah, thank you! really helpful feedback! Will get on that :slight_smile:

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Makes sense! thank you for your feedback and I will definitely consider making a different video for each gig!

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Share the gig on social media Only your target audience. Regularly sent buyer request I hope you get the order fast one day

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Welcome!! @jpalcan987

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Many of said to share gig but what is the best social medial platform for sharing gig?