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How to increase more sell on gig

i am working last 2 months on fiverr.
I have achieved level 1 seller position but after my cross level i have not take order from buyers.
feel worried about this.
what should i do now ?

Are you doing any work to promote or improve your gigs?

You’re in a competitive field with a lower rating. It’s a tough hill to climb since clients tend to have more trust in sellers with near flawless ratings. The best thing to do is to market yourself extensively outside of Fiverr. Your services are mostly social media based, so it’s best to promote (not spam) yourself using those mediums.

sir i have promote my gig on social media platforms (facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+) regularly and my gig take lot of view, impression & click but not take order.

i am regularly promote my gig on various social media platforms and take views, click & impression but not take order.

But are you promoting your gig to the people that need your services? Just posting your links over and over again on social media is a bad marketing choice. You need to be talking about and promoting your gigs to the people that will buy your services.

Here’s an example: If you’re a company that sells hamburgers, do you go to an ice cream convention, stand up in front of everyone and beg them to buy your hamburgers? Of course not. Those people aren’t interested in hamburgers. Instead, you should go to the hamburger convention and tell THEM about your great burgers. THOSE people are interested in buying hamburgers.

You can’t just shout about your great gig from the rooftops and expect people to come rushing to your gig. You need to market to the people that need your services. Anything else is a failed waste of time. Go where your customers are. Tell them about your services, and you’ll probably start making sales in return.

thanks for your best advice.
it will help me to understand more success on fiverr