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How to increase my gig impression?

I am marketing my gig on social media’s. I faced some problems about gig marketing .
Firstly when my gig link share on social network then other may click my link as a result my gig view increase but still doesn’t improve my gig impression.
Actually I want to know about increasing way to my gig impression.
have any way to solve this?

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In my opinion, there are several things that affect impressions.
1- Views
2- Volume of sales
3- Positive reviews and ratings
4- Conversion rate
5- Number of clicks on your gig.
6- Keywords

If you improve all of them, your gig will rank on top.

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@cleancoder247 Post your Gigs on twitter.:bar_chart:.
Twitter is best for fiverr

I’ve always wondered which social platform was good for advertising! Can you tell us more about your experience with Twitter?

hi @gina_riley2 I’m use Twitter to Promote my Gigs.
I’m pin My Favourite Gig in Twitter Profile

In here my gig’s views, impressions and orders are going down :frowning2:

Try Social media Sharing

I did not advertise my Gig anywhere and I had over 30k impressions and now I have about 800 and every day less and less. So I think the Fiverr decides who will be at the top of the search and who does not.