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Hello everyone,

  1. Change your thumbnails with some big writing, no picture of you, just what you sell. Why?
    Right now you take up half of your thumbnail and the other half is some yellow writing I can’t even read, unless I click your gig. A simple Wordpress logo image would probably be better than what you have right now.
  2. Add some insight into your expertise as a web designer. Why?
    People always expect you to do that. They want to know whom they are dealing with, what they can do and for how long they are doing this. Just say what you specialize in, for how long you have been doing it, things like that. (I know it’s on your profile, put it on your gig)
  3. You have a total of 4.5 stars on your reviews and your main gig is a 4-star review. Your competition probably has more. A good idea is to try and share your gig outside Fiverr and maybe get some clients like that to receive more 5-star reviews and fix your image.
  4. Your tags should be on some micro-niche, like fixing wordpress bugs, premium plugins, etc. Fewer people will search for this, but fewer people use these tags, so your chance of getting seen is better.
  5. Try to change your basic package to something you can do in 24 hours. This will enable the 24-express filter on you and people who are in a hurry might stumble upon your gig.
  6. This is a controversial one: Most of the people in this forum will tell you it’s a bad idea to stay online more and it will not bring you more sales. I too believe it’s a bad idea, but not because it will not bring you more sales, but because it will probably be exhausting for you. But given your bad rating and the “desperate” need of impressions, clicks and reviews, you could stay online more just to tick the online box, in case someone is looking for someone online.

So online+24hours+fix a wordpress problem might be the solution for you, if someone has a wordpress problem and needs a quick fix. Other than that…maybe good SEO, but the Fiverr algorithm is different from the rest of the algorithms, so I don’t know how much of a difference that will make. Worth a try.


Thanks for your valuable comment.

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To increase your Gig IMPRESSIONS:

-share in social media.
-Make your gigs presentation better / professional

I started this week and I have 12K impressions


WOW,How it’s possible brother, please share your experience.

Every day, I promote my gigs on social media


Thanks for sharing the valuable information.
you briefly describing what to do rank a gig.
thank you very much.
i should try to do this.

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Hey Can Any one help me … i started using fiverr some months back … got 2 orders and i was getting much more messages and orders but unfotunatelly due to some reasom i had to quit fiverr for somw time. And now i am back to work. The problem now is that my gigs are now not showing to top pages and not getting sales. I am pro.oting them on social media as well but i have got 300 impressions and 52 clicks in 2 weeks

How to share on social media?