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How to increase my gig IMPRESSIONS

my gig impression is so poor. thats why i need increase my gig impression. i need support.


marketing your gig on social media

You can’t increase your gig impressions. Fiverr algorythms deciding how many times it will show your gig based on your overall performance.

Just do a great job and provide excellent service and it wouldn’t be left unnoticed.


gig marketing for social media example:facebook,linkdin ,twittter

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social media is a great option

Share your gig link with your friends and family and ask them to publicise your services.

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provide best service to get more impressions

  1. promote it in social media consistently.
  2. Bring traffic to your gig
  3. Work on keywords.
  4. apply buyer request when shows
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same problem with me my gig impression is very low

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If you are concerned about gig impressions, I suggest you to target 2-3 keywords of your category and insert them in your gig description, in this way you’ll get a lot more impressions which lead to increase the click and views and then finally you’ll be able to get sales.

Hope this will help.


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You can share your gig on fiverr forum to get the impressions

ONLY if you post your gig in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum. According to forum rules, promotional posts could be deleted or removed if posted in any of the other forums. For the most part, these Fiverr forums are NOT a marketing tool. Sellers should never be spamming their gigs in inappropriate forums just to get attention.


you promote gigs on fiverr forum

No, @iqra_meher , the forum is NOT a place to promote your gigs. You can only post promotional links in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category. Promotional posts will be moved or deleted if posted anywhere else.


Try promoting your gig on social media, that will help

Don’t say it “will” because that is entirely dependent on certain factors and if you do it properly. Simply doing that action doesn’t make it helpful by default.

This is why people spam. Please stop.

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My gig impression are very poor too, but I didn’t create a new post/topic to get help because there are already multiple topics from the same topic that have decent amount of information posted in these. Please check out the right side window/panel of the forum that displays relevant topics being already created and you don’t need to repeat these.

Please read those topics, already a decent amount of info posted.

Good Luck!


Does sharing gig on instagram also help?