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How to increase my gig IMPRESSIONS


my gig impression is so poor. thats why i need increase my gig impression. i need support.


marketing your gig on social media


You can’t increase your gig impressions. Fiverr algorythms deciding how many times it will show your gig based on your overall performance.

Just do a great job and provide excellent service and it wouldn’t be left unnoticed.


gig marketing for social media example:facebook,linkdin ,twittter


social media is a great option


Share your gig link with your friends and family and ask them to publicise your services.





provide best service to get more impressions

  1. promote it in social media consistently.
  2. Bring traffic to your gig
  3. Work on keywords.
  4. apply buyer request when shows


same problem with me my gig impression is very low




If you are concerned about gig impressions, I suggest you to target 2-3 keywords of your category and insert them in your gig description, in this way you’ll get a lot more impressions which lead to increase the click and views and then finally you’ll be able to get sales.

Hope this will help.