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How to increase my Gig sell

I am in trying to my label best but i don`t do it. I want to increase my gig sell then i need to some ow some tips. i know that this is so rear to share your mind for me but i am in request to you please give me an instruction.


I’m curious… your Fiverr name indicates that you are “Charles” – a clearly male name, yet you have stolen the photo of an actress from the internet, and are illegally using her image to try and convince people to buy things from you. Why are you pretending to be someone you are not? Perhaps this is something that may be keeping people from “increasing your gig sell”.

You don’t need to pretend to be a pretty girl in order to make sales.


It is really tough. You know, each and every day I watch fiverr marketing tutorials on youtube. but yet i don’t get a single order from outside. It is really frustrating. :persevere::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Watching tutorials is NOT going to make you successful. Taking action upon what you have learned will. What actions are you taking to improve your gigs, market and promote them to the targeted customers that need them, and build a reputation as a seller people will want to hire?


@jonbaas and how to build a reputation ??? :smiley: it is dependent if any body would buy my gig then i will get the reputation… how can i build my reputation if no one never buy none of my gigs… even though i have sold my gigs 3 to 4 times with good reviews but still not getting more sales…

Follow some basic things such as

  1. Optimize your Title, description and Tags.
  2. Use Eye catching and purposeful images As thumbnail but don’t make it creepy
  3. Show your best work.
  4. Try to maintain 5 star reviews. Gain some initial orders from your friends family or co-workers.
  5. Share your gig to other social media platform.
  6. Provide grate customer service. make the client feels like they are special and their work is so important for us
  7. Deliver your order faster.
  8. create multiple gig.
  9. Check out and learn from other top level gig
  10. Please choose most demanding niche, do something unique and most important thing is that do something that you real know or expert in it and love to do.
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thank you for fiver service. still i didn’t get any order. what happen my account. can you help me please…

Share your gigs on sicial media such as facebook, Twitter, Whatapps

thank you… did it. i’ll try again and again. thanks