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How to increase my gig veiws and impration?


Hi,I am new fiverr gay please help me tell about how to increase my fiverr gig veiws and impratuons.I sybmit gig long time but does not get any order not a singale boyer.


i think you need to active every day ,


Thanks… but just Active


Change your profile photo - your baby’s really cute etc. but it’s not really appropriate for a profile pic on Fiverr.


active and use buyer request and use forum



Please check out my profile too. I think have done a good job there but am not getting orders…
I am a bit perplex with doing what is right. I do not even know what to do to get orders. Most top sellers on fiverr refused to show their exact strategy on how they get orders.

Please who can be of help here?


The exact strategy is:

There’s no strategy :wink:

Unless delivering exactly what you offer, great communication and some social media marketing counts as a strategy :stuck_out_tongue:


Improve your spelling



If you want help you need to post your own heading in the category “Improve My Gig”.