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How to increase my response rate

how do i increase my response rate?


Answer all your incoming messages as quickly as you can. Use the phone app to help you.

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Response Quickly to the buyer through his/her message.

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i don’t even get contacted

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Some of my buyers told me that I predict their questions because I sometimes respond before they ask :smiley:

Hmm, if you don’t get contacted your response rate should not decrease IMHO, as there’s nothing to respond to…

Maybe your response rate decreased because of spam messages from others, like it happens (it’s an ongoing bug), so you might want to ask CS to look into your rate, because they might refresh it :wink:


but how long would that take

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If you response quickly your response rate will be 100%.
Its good for you profile and also GIG.

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Ask CS to set your response rate about 100%.
They do it most of the time

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I have never known Customer Support to do this. They tend to take a hands-off approach to seller stats. I’m fairly certain CS would find it annoying if people took your advice, and started flooding their ticket system with requests to reset seller settings.

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In my case, they do it on a ~2 or 3-week basis when the rate starts going down for no reason, and they know it’s a technical issue that still hasn’t been solved, so they refresh my dashboard and it goes back to 100%.

But yes, asking to make the rate 100% just for the sake of it will not work; it works only if it’s because of that bug


This happens with me sometimes

Thanks @Woofy31 I would have never known there is indeed a bug.


response rate about 100%

Use Fiverr Android App , Then Easyly Connect with your Inbox :writing_hand:

If someone’s response rate dropped cause of no reason. You should cpntact the customer support. I had thr same the probelm and after contacting them they solved the issue.