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How to increase my sale ? { 2020 Tips for new sellers}

Thanks for your lovely tips.

Really helpful, I appreciate your thought

Thank you so much sir it was really helpful.

Thank you for the tip.:ok_hand:

I wonder.
Does anyone understand that if you are thankful for the post you click the heart icon.

If you have something to add or to say then you type.

The purpose of the heart is to replace:

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Great tips … really helpful

260 buyer requests are considerable amount in fiverr. Therefore you should write buyer request properly. That means attractively. I am also still searching best one.

This is not valid for competitive gigs. Because buyer requests come to those gigs will be offered within one or two second. Not just one seller or two seller 20, 30 or more. I know we have to read buyera information. We can not write that offer on time according to our typing speed. That leads our offer ignored by the buyer. Therefore it is essential use a template for write offers. Then you can copy and paste it. But we have to better understanding about buyer requirements. Cpoy and paste just for speedup for sending offer

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How’s that working out for you so far? You have zero reviews, so I would say… not great?

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Yes. I am. But I wrote explaining that i am also searvhing the better offers for buyer.only i tell you just about competition and we cannot type our buyer offer within that much speed. If your are doing photoshop editing you can see that competition.
But we have to understand our buyer requirements. Otherwise that will not occur.