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How To increase my Sale & increase Level

Hi Guys

I am giving 5000 likes in just $ 5 … but i am not getting any order :’(

I seen many persons with 85% rating on level 1 gettings order hows ??

even they only give 500 to 2000 liks but i am giving 5000 likes with garante for 30 days

help me to increase my sale

I completed 49 order i left the Fiverr 1 year back now i came back again i am on level 1

How to increase my level

help Me Please

days on
in queue
This is copy pasted from your gig so ye what exactly do you need help with because you have a rating and orders.

Dear these orders i request by messaging other persons to increase my rating

when i posted my request to this forum after 20 30 minutes i got these orders