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How to increase my sale

Hello Friends,

I am level 2 seller on fiverr but still these days i am not getting orders, where in past days I got many orders in past.

I want to ask anyone that is there any way by that we can increase traffic on my fiverr profile. Please suggest me at your best, and please tell any other best possible ways to increase sales, i am in trouble.

Thanks & regards,

M.saud Siddiqui

Hello, I am experiencing the same as well. I dont know about direct ways to increase sales on Fiverr, but I know promotion on other social media is key. Best wishes.

Hi there! If you are looking for ways to increase business, I would recommend branding yourself and taking advantage of free marketing opportunities through social media. Seek out people who might have a use for your services. My only other advice is make sure you put care into each order. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to get traffic! Good luck :slight_smile:

hey thanks girls Julia, Alliemadison.

@ julia = you mean to say that I should post the profile to my fb profiles and other places. But I dont have much people whows animation in my fb profiles they all are relatives.

@Alliemadison = As far as free marketing is concern, besides posting in social media, I am ein search of some tools which increase traffic in free of cost or do advertise in free of cost. I thinks this kind of facility will help all. What say girls ?

Hi there. Here’s some tips and secrets for Fiverr Success.