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How to increase my sales? Am I doing some wrong moves?


I’m new on Fiverr, but I’m an ambicious guy full of energy :money_mouth_face:

So, until today, in a week, I’ve received only 2 orders.

Can anyone see my profile and judge me?

I have to know if I’m doing some wrong moves and some tips to increase my visibility and sales.



Congratulations. You have just joined Fiverr this month and have 2 orders already. Think you need to be patient. Some sellers wait months to get their first order!

Check this out : for how to get more orders.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @lloydsolutions I’ll wait orders… :grin:


Take lots of time to read the tips mentioned in my previous post, learn, and then take action!

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I think its already a good start!


I think you are doing good, 2 orders in a week congrats! some of us have the same time or more but no orders so be happy!

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Thank you @gabrielavila96, I’ll continue to work hard :smiley:

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Oh, okay! But I think that I could obtain 1 order per day :wink:

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I also need some suggestion about my account improvement, How can i get more orders?


Hi lloydsolutions,

Good tips and Idea.

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I don’t know how people could take 1 or 2 or more orders per day…

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I have sent many requests but still no order…

Then it would seem that you are not sending the kind of requests that those buyers are looking for. You are completing against many other sellers for each job in the Buyer Request section. If you aren’t winning the jobs you respond to, then you need to step up your game, and send better seller responses that out-compete your competition.

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