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How to increase my sales or orders?

I have created the gig called “I will create Superb Company Logo for $5” about 6 months ago. The sad thing is i have got About 70 orders in 6 months, no more than that. So, I came here to know how to increase my sales or orders. How to attract the buyers for more sales. And also my gig rating is 100 %. And confuse one matter is that search system, i can’t see any day first page in previous. Personally i share many social site but not improve.

Any body help me for this matter.

This is my Graphics gig =

Also Another gig =

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

Your gigs are in extremely crowded categories. Since you say you’ve done all the usual tips to increase sales, perhaps you can change to a niche logo/ebook cover market, or find different talents you can sell in other, less-crowded categories.

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Thank you