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How to increase my sales?

hello i,m new on fiverr i just want to know how to increase my sales please help me?

Consider reading this thread.

Promote your gigs

asides from reading the threat above and promotig your gigs through social media, you can also periodically update your gigs, play around with the wording and services you offer and use effocient seo keywords to make the gig more visible, or else you will risk it falling to the side with so many new and popular gigs taking over the first pages.

Sharing your gigs on social medias :slight_smile:

well sharing on social media doesn’t matter so much if you don’t convert the visitors…100 visitors to your gig are useless if none of them convert to buyer…so try to edit gigs update them regularly and check which method works for you…its like hit and try…

I will recommend you to update your profile too, use a profile photo where appears a real person, not a movie star. Also, I will recommend you to look at better sellers profile, to improve yours.

Isn’t that Keanu Reeves? Welcome to fiverr Keanu! It is a gradual build up of sales and reviews over time as more people try your gigs.

try to promote it in Youtube.