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How To Increase Number Of Orders With Repeat Client

  1. During order delivery Offer your other services.

Let Suppose, If you designed a logo for your buyer, offer him/her for the business card, letter head, website design and a mobile application design. If you are not good in other categories try to make a circle of such experts with you. Because now your client trust on you. It’s natural if a client gets its 1st successful order more than expected, definitely you’ll preferred on other services. That’s all depend on how you offer these services.

  1. In Holidays Contact your buyers via messages and asked them about your recent service you offered. If they need any modification do it, of-course not free. but when you contact buyer starts thinking or give any other job to do. You can also ask for the link where your designers or services being used. These all things make a buyer, seller long term and trust relation.

Thank You!

If I bought from you and then you contacted me in any way as described in Tip 2 (offering paid services or asking for links) you would lose me as a buyer.

.I see tips like #2 all the time. Terrible idea.

  1. this isn’t email. Do you like getting emails from MegaCorp about how “you looked at xyz and we think you’ll love abc!” Do you even open them, or do you just delete them or search for the unsub button? Amazon does it all the time, but it’s Amazon. You’re just a random person trying to flog $5’s worth of services that were not asked for. You’re spamming.

  2. Instead, go to Buyer Requests and do it there. These people are ACTIVELY looking for your services and will not consider it spam. Or you can moan about how you can’t see their profile (which provides useless information half the time…) and spam inboxes and risk annoying and losing customers.

  3. The best way to retain buyers is very dull: do good work and maintain clear communications. If mods are asked for, do them within 24 hours and cheerfully document them using their language. Unless they’re a “f*cking beach” (my new favorite Fiverr insult), you’ve got a happy buyer who is likely to come back. Check out my reviews–I’m doing something right here!

HTH. Also, try not to lie and say you speak Spanish and German. Ich glaub das nicht…

Even if someone has bought from us already we cannot contact them after the sale is complete. To do so is spam. It is annoying to get such messages.
It’s easy to get repeat buyers. Just make them happy with that first order. Fiverr buyers are the most loyal and grateful buyers in the world.

Hello Misscrystal,
Thanks for your best suggestion and correcting my view of thinking !

Hello Fonthaunt,
Thanks for your best suggestion and correcting my view of thinking !

Hello Emmaki,
Thanks for your best suggestion and correcting my view of thinking !

Thanks for the info, i offer the following service here on fiverr

If your paid-for comments are as lame and spammy as this, you need to rethink.