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How to increase OCR


Due to the cancellation of 2 orders, the OCR of my profile has decreased to 84%. After completing 3 orders successfully it has become 88%. Yesterday I completed another order but the OCR hasn’t increased. I wonder why it hasn’t become 90% yet!

Now if I lose the level one badge due to this issue, how many orders do I have to complete to regain it?
Thank you.


Check out:

Scroll down to the bottom of the Analytics page to check your individual statistics.

Thank you. But the question is why the OCR hasn’t increased to 90% even after completing 4 orders successfully. There’s no explanation regarding this issue.

It may be that it was 88%, when you completed order increased to 90% but at the same time one of your completed orders passed 60 days mark and its down to 88% again.

Im also struggling a bit, I also have 88% currently and im bout to get promoted to level 2 just need to gain those 2% till 15th comes :smiley:

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Do you have a level right now?

Yes im Level 1 currently

That’s great!

Would you please tell me if I will lose my level 1 position due to the 88% OCR? I am confused :frowning:

Yes if you won’t fix that till evaluation time you will lose level 1

I don’t understand why the OCR remained the same even after completing a new order. :frowning: