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How to increase offer price for your gig?

So you are here on Fiverr, and want to make a decent income or side income as a seller but you feel discouraged when you start and look at the offer price in buyer requests sections…I certainly do not know about how do you feel but I feel very discouraged. Buyers often post a request with a tick-list and what do they offer- 5 dollars or 10 dollars for a task that may take at-least one-two hours regardless of your efficiency level. I am talking from my experience in the academic writing niche but I assume similar scenario in other niches. If you are like me who feel frustrated after seeing that cut-throat competition, this post is for you.

As a new seller participate in price war.

If you are a new seller, let me tell you that Fiverr is an awesome online marketplace. You only need to showcase your talent and you will make decent bucks. Your time is valued well. As a new seller you might not be in a position to demand your desired price. It is a free world, buyers judge you from your work and the feedback that you have received. If you don’t have any, please go ahead and enjoy price-war. You may start with offering even less than the quoted price in order to have a window to showcase your talent and receive the feedback. We all have seen that new stores often give people a discount. Your profile is your store, you should launch yourself right.

Be a part of price war but offer your services, not the peace of your mind (not even as a new seller).

This is the most important advice that I can give to the starting sellers. Offer a lower price but please do not down sell. You will experience as a seller that most low paying buyers do not respect your time; they will keep on throwing conditions and multiple revisions. They often do not know what they want exactly and that is the only reason they offer such lower prices (devaluing the services). Be clear in your communication and accept the work only when you know the buyer’s expectations right.

Please do not become a victim of bad review threats.

You will come across threats from your buyers that you do multiple revisions/refund the money otherwise they will give you a negative rating. Please do not accept such requests. If you have done your work properly, you should stand by yourself in a polite way. There is Fiverr support for a reason and support team is very understanding.

So this price war is a part of new sellers’ survival strategy. If you are at least a level 2 seller, my recommendations are as follows:

Start Up-selling your services but provide high quality work.

So after you have earned good number of appreciating feedback, you should start up-selling your services. Believe me there are enough buyers who are looking for quality work and more than willing to pay for it. I can give my own example. When I started as a new seller, I started offering 500 words write-up for $5. I could not recall now if I went below that price at some point of time. I was doing it as a part time job and was not concerned about the revenues much. So when I earned some feedback and start paying attention to what other sellers are offering, I went on up-selling my prices. I started offering 500 words for $20, that too for the basic write up. I generally charge even double for the more demanding jobs and I am still doing it as a part time job. So you can even charge 10x of your original offer price only after five months from starting. Believe me that you have to provide quality work but it is not so exhausting, if you are being paid appropriately. One noticeable thing is that you will feel change in the attitude of buyers when you up-sell. They will appreciate your work and will even leave you very generous tips. Moreover, it is easier to focus on one order per day than accepting 10X orders for the same value.

Create a brand image of yours when you are up-selling your services.

As a seller, you should focus on creating a brand image. Every entrepreneur does so. You have to provide quality service along with excellent customer care services. I have even worked round the clock for one day when the work was really urgent and detailed. Believe me that buyer will notice your hard work and you will even receive tips for your extra effort. I do not put extra efforts for the tip; I create the work that I like myself. There is one more important advice that you should not cancel your orders on the last day. Your buyers must be waiting for their product and their trust is broken when you cancel it on the last day. That is a complete no especially in the writing niche because buyers do also need to submit it. Be nice and polite with your buyers and even with your potential buyers.

I hope that these tips will help you in the long run and you will achieve great success level. What is your survival or success strategy as a seller? Please share what works for you in the comments section.


I would really love to know what worked for you as a seller. Please share your experiences and recommendations.

Hey that’s a nice and helpful post!!Thank you…

Oh thanks. Please share your seller’s experience as well.

Nice post!
I have been using fiverr for more than 2 years now. It was really hard in the beginning. I think building great reviews is the key to success here.
In the beginning, one may have to offer services at low prices but focus on building value, have nice reviews.
Struggle of the beginning will pay after some time :slight_smile:
All the best to all the sellers :slight_smile:

@sachinsehra thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

Thank you for the post! And, yeah, I’m enjoying the price-war for the time being. :smiley:

In any marketplace you can compete on at least two front (likely more)…and the same is on Fiverr.

  1. Compete on price
  2. Compete on quality.

Fiverr is filled with buyers who would rather spend a bit more to get excellent quality. I tell new buyers to focus on quality over price. As a small business owner and a Fiverr seller, if I see that someone will write an article for $5 and deliver 500 words vs $5 and 20 words…There’s a perceived value that I’m going to get a much higher quality of work from the $5 for 20 word seller.

Let’s say if you are the person offering $5 for 20 words. You’d want to explain that you have, for example, a Masters Degree in Communication, you’ve written professionally for xx years, you’re a native English speaker (assuming these are all true). Offer to send the buyer copies of past work.

Impress the buyer with your quality and customer service attitude.

This was just an example in the article writing niche but can be used with any service on Fiverr.

Nice and very helpful post.

Yes, I completely agree with you though I am not a native English speaker. I absolutely love fiverr because this is the only platform where the buyers did not differentiate between a native speaker and non-native speaker. I tell them that I am an economics Ph. D. candidate (thesis submitted and I work on fiverr in research writing niche) and I have a list of publications with reputed journals in my field. I provide them with work samples as well as my research paper urls and I can work really fast. My repeat buyers turn in emergency, they know that I can write a 10 pager overnight if needed. That skill again comes from experience. That is what gives me bargaining power. It works for me but I do not say that I will write 60-80 words for $ 5, instead I tell them that I will charge $ 15-20 per page (275 words). Being honest, I spend an hour writing that one page and deliver what really makes buyer happy. They get good grades, I get repeat orders :slight_smile:

You should enjoy every moment of it. I did not mind price war but when I sometimes look in the buyer requests, I feel why do they want a $100 value task to be delivered in $20.

Thank you so much. Please share your experience as well.

IIT, economics…you’ve got impressive credentials :slight_smile:

I do everything for $5. As I’ve said many times to my friends on Fiverr forum, who implore me to raise my prices, each of us has a different way of looking at things. What I want from Fiverr is to be able to spend my time productively and stay busy. I earn a lot by Indian standards here, but I can earn a lot more if I wanted to. But because of a simple life, low expenses and other sources of passive income, making more money on Fiverr is not a priority for me. Happy with what I make. Still, largely because of the advice I get here from other sellers, many of who have become good friends, I’ll probably end up raising my prices at some point :slight_smile:

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Oh thank you so much for saying so. I have been highly impressed by your gig for long time (your creativity and originality). Sorry for me being a stalker :slight_smile:

@writer99025 I am actually highly interested in buying a series of gigs from you for my own project. Please increase after I buy :slight_smile: . Actually it depends on personal goals. I actually started here because I want to travel for a year after I submit the thesis. So I need both- time and money for exploration and a location independent job to sponsor my time on the road. I take only high value projects, so that I can have both time and energy to explore and do what I really want to.

When you’re new on Fiverr, you offer more for less to get more orders and reviews, then you can do less for more. However, what one offers should have value. If I need X and you tell me I have to pay you another $5 for a commercial license, that has no value for me. I will hire REALISTIC SELLERS that don’t demand worthless things like payment for licenses. I don’t need a license to use your work, I already paid for it, so I own it.

But to answer your question, you should focus on gig extras. If I pay $5 for a how to make money online guide, I might pay $5 for a PERSONAL guide based on my unique needs as opposed to the pdf everyone else gets. Or I might pay more for a guide that shows me 10 moneymaking website.

LOL. Thanks!

Well, you are from the IIT, you don’t need these freelance jobs, frankly speaking. You can always join Goldman Sachs or something for a six-figure income. At least, those were my plans when I was your age, but it didn’t work out.

@fastcopywriter thank you for sharing your perspective and experience. I completely agree with you. It is same but I do not focus on extras, I charge for the write-up and give the extras for free (if buyers contact me before ordering). It does not make any sense to me to charge extra $20 for writing an abstract and formatting the citations. I do it for free. I think everything differs from niche to niche. I am not even experienced much to say anything, just four months of active part time selling on fiverr. I need to work on your advice. Thank you once again.