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How to increase offer price for your gig?

Thank you for your advice. I have friends who work for Goldman Sachs, Thomsan Reuters and J.P. Morgan and get a salary like 40 Lacs INR per year but they have no peace of mind and work like more than 90 hours a week. I get better hourly rate than them and I advise them the opposite.

LOL…bet you get advice like this everyday from your family :slight_smile:

Indians are generally risk averse, so I appreciate what you are doing…it takes some guts…especially when there’s so much pressure to do the easy, obvious and conventional thing.

Not now, but earlier used to get. I actually left an E&Y job after two years to do a Ph.D. :slight_smile:

But this is just my part time work…i am working on becoming a scholarpreneur…i earn revenue from here and invest time in nourishing my knowledge entrepreneurship dream…i am developing few online courses and a consultation gig but I can give time and money there because I earn from here…

That’s wonderful :slight_smile:


You’re welcome!

The price of your extras should be based on how much time it takes you to do it. If formatting the citations takes 5-15 minutes more, maybe you can charge $5 as an extra ,or $10.

I also recommend packages. I’ve been doing packages with a few of my gigs and I like the results. Sometimes people order packages and extras, sometimes they don’t order extras, but you’re getting more than $5 unless they order the basic package.

The reason packages are successful is because of a very old sales technique, give a customer three choices from the cheapest to the most expensive, and he’ll eventually make a choice.

Thanks for the post, @shilpityagi_eco. Every time I come to the forum, I learn something new. I’ve only been here a day, and today, I put in my first offers on the buyer request page. It’s interesting that you can’t see the other seller’s offers, but I found it a good thing, as I based my prices on how long I knew it would take me to complete the task, as opposed to just trying to offer the lowest price. I also tried to connect with people who had similar professions as me (i.e. other authors). I’m hoping that will help me to stand out in the crowd by drawing on those similarities. I’m trying to offer the most I reasonably can with the smallest price tag, but I have included add-on services, like extra words, or multiple revisions, for a little bit more. I’m looking forward to trying to build a successful side income doing things that I love doing! :slight_smile:

Believe me, you sometimes sound like a Budhha to us :slight_smile:
No offense meant ! Happy for you that you have wealth of satisfaction !

Hey Shilpi ! I am happy to know that you have confidence of deciding your price. Though level 2 seller and doing quite good lastly, I still fear raising the price and just leave it on the discretion of buyers. Hope to have that command one day when I will be charging not big but appropriate.

Yes, I hope the best for you. Actually I decided to focus on quality and price itself increased. It is all so intertwined. Earlier I was able to write 1000-1200 words per hour but I was not happy with the quality. So now I only write 250-275 words per hour focusing and making the write-up as perfect as I can. So it is not only the increase in prices but also in time consumed for writing. I see it like if I work on 6 projects for $ 30 each, I feel burdened thinking about deadlines, modifications, updating 6 buyers and researching on 6 different themes. So I changed it. Now I better take one project for a day for $150, focus on it and produce a quality piece and save half of the time. This strategy give satisfaction to me and happiness to buyers. After all, time invested in customer services ranges from 15-20 minutes per buyer. So that is also a gain. Time is money. Buyer also feel it is better to pay double if they do not need to rewrite it. Believe me, reading a piece, pointing out the mistakes, demanding modification, late delivery but a cheap price do not make buyers happy. Their happiness is reflected in reviews and the tip they give afterwards. Ultimate goal is customer satisfaction and I feel happy when I feel they are satisfied.

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Thank you so much for these tips, there are so helping.


Thanks! Helpful post
I reached to level 1 quickly but then I am not getting much orders.
I want to know that what should I write in description of sending offer to the buyer requests which make buyer to get interest in my description and offer, if you please share your experience and please visit my profile if you advise me about it?

@patowriter I am glad that you find the write-up useful.

@khurram7575 I am glad that you find it useful. I checked your gigs and I should say that you need to check the grammar first. May be you can buy few gigs from some fiverr content writer and proofreader to improve your gigs. I am an economist and I know that every business needs some investment in terms of money and time. You need to invest in time yourselves to polish your skills. You need to check other seller’s gigs and improve yours. Treat it as your business and it will grow eventually. If you need to earn some quick bucks on the site, I am not the most experienced to help you. I wish the best for you.

Yeah Great post . I want to add my experience while working more than 2.5 years is " Make a well reputed profile first then develop your work standards. Standards in work comes through Quality and Quality in work comes through experience.

At start main focus should be, develop a good rating profile. Then you definately gain experience and then u can increase your prices according to your quality of work also according to market standards.

For example if a logo designer charge 200 or 300 for a logo here on fiverr it not seems valid as people are doing even 5 logo for 5$ ?.

So, you should also run with market standards .

Hope thats helps other sellers

Agreed. Following the market standard is the right way. That is what I ended up doing and increasing from there. I was charging low actually by offering 500 words for 5$ where most of the writers in ‘academic and research writing’ was starting their offer for the same write-up from 10-15$.
Quality speaks for itself. Moreover, it is a global online marketplace and I think that charging standards should be global as well.


Another strategy you can use at the front-end of the sale when the buyer is choosing how much to spend is to limit your gig extras to just three options: A, B, and C. There’s a reason that things come in threes, and this is especially true in a sales environment because when buyers are presented with just three options, they tend to decide that A is too small, C is too large, but B is just right. Use a poor-quality A and a too-expensive C to push people toward B and buyers will perceive that B is the best value for their money. Also, keep in mind that B is what you really want to be selling: A isn’t really for sale, it’s just to give buyers a taste of what you do, and C is the “Cadillac” option. In other words, use A to establish the value of B, and after buyers have seen the value of B, you can use B to up-sell buyers to C.