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How to increase order completion rate?

Some days ago i had to cancel an order. So my order completion rate goes down to 86%. After that i got 3 more order in a 5 days interval. But problem is no the rate is going down day by day and now it is on 75%. What is the reason and what will i do now?

Senior and expart member kindly give some suggation.
Thank you


I’m no expart member, but I have some idea about how it works. Just take note that Order Completion Rate is based on all orders over the course of 60 days. It will go down/up based on the number of orders you completed/cancelled over the course of that 60 days. To remedy this, just keep completing more orders and avoid cancellations.


avoid from cancellations over the course of 60 days try to get enough orders and if someone tip you then ask him for a little order and give him any other normal service and order rate will be increase i had face this problem and i did this strategies and sharing.


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Helpful information @theratypist and @samecreations also thanks to @skmabdullah for creating this post and comment. Regards All… I got my hope :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

There are no way to enhance order completion rate. I think fiverr should have to add a button in sellers end to accept particular job. Sometime client placing orders in irrelevant gig. So it can be a good option for fiverr.

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I appreciate it! Fiverr should develop a new feature for the cancelation of uncertain orders that hampers the completion rate.

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