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How to increase order on Fiverr

Hi there!
I am new seller on Fiverr. On the second day of opening the Fiverr account, I received two orders, I’ve successfully completed them with Five Star Reviews. But for the last ten days I have not received any orders on Fiverr. I don’t know if I’m in any trouble and what I should do. Please help me.
I will wait for someone’s message


Just Be Patient, send effective buyer requests every day.

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Maybe don’t use other people’s designs and pass them off as your own on your gig images? It will only cause problems when buyers find out your logos don’t look like the ones on the gig images.

Sir can you tell me how i prompt my gig

You are lucky, it’s really rare that someone opens his Fiverr and after 1 day gets two orders.
Try to send buyer requests with the gig you’ve earned review and be active.
You are going to get an order soon.

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Thanks Sir…To catch my mistakes but I have no desire to copyright these logos. I just accepted the concepts . I really like this logos.

Everytime somebody gets called out for using somebody else’s design they say this. It’s stealing, its against TOS and it defeats the point of being a logo designer. Delete all of the logos that are not yours on your gigs before Fiverr removes your gig. Imagine if I used a logo that you designed on my gig, would you like that?

Thanks you bro. I I have removed those simple ones.Best of luck…Thanks

Just wait and Send Buyer request daily 10

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No you haven’t, there are still plenty of stolen images on your gig. I’m starting to wonder if any of them are yours at all. You should delete all images that are not yours.

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I have only accepted the concepts and text…But I made these myself and I have these source files…I will be able to prove myself. I will try to change the text… Thanks sir for your time…