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How to increase order?

Hi, This is skmabdullah. I am a seller of fiverr. Last 2 month i have no order. What should i do?
How can i get more order. It will be very kind to me if you give me some suggestion.
Thank you


Are you marketing and promoting your services to the target customers that need them?

Yes i am trying my best. But i don’t know, is it in right way. Kindly tell me some way of marketing to get my target customer.

Take some time to figure out who your target customers are. Then, research to discover where they are located. Once you know this, you will know who to market to, and where to do your marketing. Then all you have to do is test that market, and find the best way to reach out to those target customers and inform them of what you do.

This is not an easy process, so be prepared to do a lot of work. Here on Fiverr, you are a businessman. Hard work is required if you wish to succeed. Success does not happen by chance.


Utilize your buyer request and increase possibility to get an order.

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